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Parent Feedback

Scott & Carol Collins



It is wonderful for Jared to celebrate Shabbat and holidays with other UM students, an incredibly powerful experience, no matter one’s Jewish identity or affiliation. Chabad is a warm and welcoming community. It gives the students a much-need spiritual renewal, and develops in our children a moral compass that will guide them throughout their lives. It celebrates Jewish pride by enjoying lively meals and exploring customs and culture with a taste of tradition strengthening their connection to Judiasm.

Farbrengen literally means “get together”. These experiences forever altered Jared’s outlook on life and energizes him with a sense of belonging. Communicating more effectively, sharing new ideas with confidence, and considering other points of view are attributes he has learned. Chabad on campus fosters a self-discovery, giving Jared an increased appreciation for the infinite possibilities within himself. He has come to recognize that there is an opportunity for positive impact in everything he does, vowing to direct this new found passion into something truly purposeful.

Most importantly, it is an invaluable resource for the UM community because Judaism offers real and substantial answers to some of the most pressing questions in our children’s lives. What’s really important to me? How do I bring balance to my life? If I ever get married, what do I want my marriage to look like? Examining these questions and many others is a fabulous way to explore these issues deeply.

Drs Charles & Simone Griff



Shabbat at Chabad is an important part of our son's life at UM. He looks forward each week to being welcomed into the home of the Lipskiers for an amazing Shabbat experience. He enjoys the wonderful Jewish feeling and spirituality, the warm and welcoming Rabbi Shmuly, Mushka and their children, the incredible home-made food, challah, and desserts, and the chance to socialize with other Jewish UM students in a relaxed friendly environment.

We are so appreciative of everything that Chabad does for Jeremy and his fellow UM students that we gladly sponsor a Shabbat each semester in honor of them. Chabad has been instrumental in being a "home away from home" for Jeremy. He feels so comfortable "hanging out" at Chabad which is such a short walking distance from campus. Even during COVID times this past year, Chabad (in conjunction with UM administration policy) has been able to operate and welcome students each week beginning with take away Shabbat dinners during the early part of fall semester to hosting students in their outdoor rented tent which has been a blessing for all. Jeremy's grandparents were even able to enjoy a delicious chol hamoed Passover dinner in the tent when visiting Jeremy on campus this spring.


We thank the Lipskiers and Chabad for providing an outstanding Jewish experience for UM students!! Please consider joining us in sponsoring Shabbat weekends at Chabad to enhance the Jewish life at UM!

Larry Weissman


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Shabbat and Holidays are important because they are central to being Jewish – culturally and religiously. Chabad plays an important role in that it is a place where the Jewish students at UM can meet and congregate while together celebrating their shared experiences of being Jewish.


We sponsored a Shabbat meal because it also imbued in our child a sense of pride that she had a part in that evening. It was also a catalyst to her inviting other UM students to visit Chabad that may otherwise have not attended on their own. 

Our daughter would be missing a safe haven where she feels comfortable and is akin to being at home. While she may not attend as frequently as she (or I) would like her to attend, her knowing that you are there gives her a sense of confidence that home, with a religious environment and a kosher meal is within a phone call.

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