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Shabbat Dinner

Every Friday Night is a cause for celebration when you join in the crowd at Chabad House for meaningful services, a full-course gourmet, home-cooked dinner, joyous singing, and lots of fun. All this in a warm atmosphere, that feels just like home.


Holiday Dinners/services

You may be far from home, but our Chabad House ensures that the Jewish Holidays stay near and dear. Holiday dinners, Apples dipped in honey, Shofar blowing, Simchat Torah Dancing, Chanukah Menorahs, Purim Hamantashen, Hand-baked Pesach shmurah matzah, brisket-dinner Seders, we’ve got all that and more. Join us on the holidays and appreciate the Jewish calendar like never before.



Catch Rabbi Shmuly at the Breezeway every Wednesday to hang out, put on tefillin and grab a kosher snack! Guaranteed best kosher brownies on campus!


Social Events

Whether its a BBQ, Thursday night cooking club, a challah bake, a Vibe & Chill farbrengen or just hanging out, we love to get social! Sign up to stay in the know for any upcoming events.


Jewish Education: Sinai Scholars & Your Israel Course 

Regardless of your previous background or knowledge, you can further your Jewish education and develop a deeper understanding of your heritage at Chabad House. We offer scheduled classes in subjects ranging from mysticism and philosophy to Jewish laws and customs. We also have various cooking and crafts programs for those who want to learn about Judaism in a hands-on way.