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UM Student Experience 

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Cameron Ayenechi


“Chabad feels like a home environment as there’s nothing being asked from us. The Shabbat dinners are a time that friends feel like family as you’re spending Shabbat dinner with them.

It’s like a home away from home.

I would miss home a lot more if we didn’t have that, it’s a piece of home while being in a new experience as you become closer with your friends through Jewish dinners that otherwise would’ve been a normal dinner with Jewish and non Jewish friends, which would've be in the dining hall with friends from your floor.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to stay Jewish and become more Jewish with their (the parent’s) support.”

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Jeremy Griff


“I gained a community at Chabad that I couldn’t get anywhere else. It’s the place that I feel most at home. Essentially it’s a home away from home for me. It’s a great place to meet other similar minded Jewish students at the University of Miami.

Without Chabad I wouldn’t be as connected with fellow Jewish students. It also provides me a spiritual experience on Shabbat and holidays which would be lacking if Chabad wasn’t there.

Thanks for providing myself and other Jewish students the opportunity to connect with each other and our Judaism. You have provided me with a home away from home.”


Jared Collins


״You go and feel like family there. Last Shabbat there were a bunch of Yeshiva students, and I didn’t know them, but we were all dancing together, and you felt like you did. There’s a social benefit which is great,

but a spiritual aspect that’s super beneficial.

Shmuly and Mushka are incredible. Not knowing them would be terrible. They easily connect with students, which adds to the experience. I’d miss them.

Thank you for making Friday nights so special, I look forward to them every week. It gives us the ability to farbreng and have a good time while also connecting with other students and learning what it means to be Jewish especially as young people, it’s important that we do this now and instill the Jewish values that we could teach to our children, and keep Shabbat going.

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Esther Cusnir


“The community aspect that it gives to the Jewish UM student body is what I appreciate the most. You go and even if you’re new, you already feel a sense of community, with the boys dancing and the girls chatting with Mushka. It’s a tight knit community, which I came from, not sure if I would find at Chabad, and super happy that I did!

Specifically as a freshman, going through Covid times, just having a safe place where all things are covid safe, it was also face-to face which made my experience more friendly and wholesome, as there wasn’t much of that happening at UM. Thank you for incredible generosity for sponsoring such an amazing organization on campus that adds and does the absolute most and is all inclusive.


The Rabbi gives advice when you need, and Mushka’s there helping, they’re like little therapists. It’s all inclusive and the parents are spending their money sponsoring Shabbat but we’re getting so much more out of it. The students are so grateful for them for giving us that experience.”


Sarita Benoliel


“Shabbat would not be possible without the sponsors. I’m so grateful that there are families out there who make sure we get a Jewish experience on campus. I don’t feel like I would have a Jewish experience if Shabbats at Chabad were not available. Going to Shabbat is part of my weekly schedule and it makes me feel at home. Shabbat is a special time to be with family and friends."

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